Vibrant Intellectual Property Rights Management (VIPRM), an offshoot of a renowned law firm, is a reputed establishment in the field of  Patent & Intellectual Property Rights Management. The professional experts here handle the all encompassing activities related to IPR including Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, Domains, Industrial Designs, Plant Varieties, Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout & Bio Diversity. The establishment is dedicated to safeguarding and maximizing the value of the clients’ Intangible assets and committed to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions for all intellectual property needs. VIPRM functions under the efficient professional guidance of Mr. Mubarak Ahmad a Leading IPR Lawyer.

The Vibrant IPR Management is specialized in

  1. Managing and promoting Intellectual Property Rights of clients;
  2. Acting as proxy for clients in buying, owning, selling and renting out such rights.
  3. Conducting the legal formalities of issuing license, issuing the contracts and certificates;
  4. Executing sale agreements on client’s instructions;
  5. Accessing & pricing and acting as an intermediary between IPR owners and buyers &
  6. Negotiating for compromise in disputes on IPR issues.