Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property at the Borders

Customs Recordation in the UAE

At our IPR Management in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we understand the crucial role that Customs Recordation plays in protecting your intellectual property rights from infringement at the country’s borders. As a vital step in enforcing intellectual property rights, Customs Recordation allows rights holders to partner with the UAE Customs authorities to intercept and detain suspected counterfeit or infringing goods entering or leaving the country.

Understanding Customs Recordation in the UAE

In the UAE, Customs Recordation is governed by the UAE Cabinet Decision No. 1/4 of 2019 concerning the Customs Control on the Entry and Exit of Goods. This mechanism empowers rights holders to record their trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights with the UAE Customs authorities. Upon recordation, Customs officials are equipped with the necessary information to identify and seize counterfeit goods bearing infringing trademarks or copyrighted works at ports of entry and exit.

Our Customs Recordation Services in the UAE

Our experienced team of attorneys specializes in Customs Recordation services tailored to meet the specific needs of rights holders and brand owners in the UAE.

Recordation Process

We guide clients through the customs recordation process, ensuring that all required documentation is prepared accurately and efficiently. Our team liaises with the UAE Customs authorities to facilitate a seamless recordation procedure.

Border Enforcement

Once recordation is complete, we collaborate closely with the UAE Customs authorities to enforce your intellectual property rights at the borders. Our vigilant monitoring enables Customs officials to identify and seize suspected counterfeit goods, protecting your brand reputation and consumer trust.

Training and Collaboration

We offer customized training sessions to educate Customs officers about your intellectual property rights, enabling them to identify potential infringing goods effectively. Our aim is to build a strong partnership with Customs to combat counterfeiting and infringement.

Customs Notifications and Actions

In case of potential infringements, we promptly notify clients and coordinate appropriate actions with Customs officials. Our team advises on the best strategies to enforce your rights, including the initiation of legal proceedings if necessary.

Our Commitment to Protection

At our UAE-based IPR Management, we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of your intellectual property assets. Customs Recordation is a vital tool in preventing the influx of counterfeit goods into the UAE market and safeguarding your brand's reputation and market share.